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The Open Air class at the Gardens on Spring Creek was a geometrical design and scribe timber-framing project run by the Timber Framers Guild at Fort Collins, Colorado in the workshops of Frameworks Timber, owned by Adrian Jones. The geometrical design was by Laurie Smith and the Scribe carpentry tuition by Glenn Dodge, assisted by Chris Kates of Frameworks Timber. The timber for the project, beetle killed Lodgepole pine, was supplied free by Fort Collins city council who were felling trees in an attempt to halt the beetle infestation.

The purpose of this inspirational project was to provide an educational venue where children from the city could be taught how to plant seeds, nurture them to maturity, cut and prepare them for cooking and, finally, to enjoy eating them. The project’s aim was to combat obesity by giving children nutritional awareness and control over their personal diets. Twenty carpenters from the USA cut and raised the frame in a week, the first raising in the city centre at Old Town Square, the subsequent and final raising at the Gardens on Spring Creek among the childrens’ vegetable allotments.

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